Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Summer's Bounty

Summer's Bounty Quilt is finished! 
I have worked on this quilt for at least 3 years!  It was a challenge since I developed trigger finger on my right thumb.  I was determined to hand quilt it.  Amazing what you can do when you really want to.  I learned to not use my thumb to pull the needle back through all layers of fabric since I had to wear a splint.  You can teach new tricks to old dogs!  Haha!
It's name is Summer's Bounty.  The original pattern was named Persuasion, but I added summertime and garden themed applique and felt it needed a more appropriate name.  So I went to my wordsmith and he gave me a few options.  I liked this one.  Interestingly, I took these pictures with it laying on the snow! 
It's all in the details.  I love details!  Notice buttons and even a bit of embroidery to give some texture.
Have you been following the 365 Quilt Challenge from Kathy in Australia?  She gave 2 options for the first day and I did both.  And because I'm in Canada, I get the patterns 8 A.M. the day before.  I decided to use gold as my main fabric instead of a dark color.  Two reasons, I love gold and I have lots of it.  She is starting with the easier 3" blocks and will work up to the more complex blocks.
Here is the block-a-day finished look:
Hope you have lots of fun stitching this week!

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  1. I love the details on Summer's Bounty. Great job, and such a beautifully warm theme to brighten winter.