Friday, October 30, 2015



Two years ago I made this Christmas Quilt:
 Almost all my Christmas and winter-related fabric was used in this quilt.  Even the backing was almost entirely made from the bits and pieces I had leftover from the quilt.
Well, fast forward to two weeks ago.  I was looking through my box of unfinished projects and leftover squares from past projects.  Guess what I found?  Not only were there scraps from the large quilt, but there were pieces that weren't even my fabric.  Someone from Mystery Country Quilters must have given me some of their extra Christmas fabric.  Here I am auditioning the few pieces I had. 

Here is my completed top.  I had to sew some of the half-square triangles a little smaller to get everything to fit.  Unfinished size is 19" x 27".  I had so much fun doing this, I can't explain it.  All the beautiful yardage I have and I get more enjoyment out of using something that may otherwise get thrown out.  Go figure.

I used most the remaining scraps along with this small piece of black fabric to do the backing.  Anything 2" wide or wider was sewn together to do the binding.  

Bud...what do you think?  Will it do?
The only Christmas/winter fabric I have left is pictured below.  I think it desires to have a quilt designed around it, although I only have 20" x 44".  Good thing I like small quilts.  Isn't it sweet?
 May your day be full of family, friends, fun, and a little ice cream!

Saturday, October 10, 2015



Tiny 9-patch Completed

On our coffee table:
I have been having problems with my thumb this summer. I finally had to go to the doctor and found I have trigger finger.  Sounds cool, but it can be pretty painful.  It's a tendonitis and caused from over use.  It's really cramped my quilting time.  I have been wearing a splint in hopes that I won't have to have surgery.  It is definitely better, but still "triggers" and I have to wear this:
Notice the hand-quilting.  It's nice, but it doesn't do anything more for the quilt than using machine quilting.  I'm realizing I may have to spare my hands for the really important things.  I love hand-quilting, but may have to pace myself and pick the quilts that it will enhance. 
Our ice cream parlor is closed for the season.  It's always sad at this time of year.  But I have more time to quilt!