Wednesday, May 13, 2015


Here are the first two rows.  Repeat and finish with a three light, two dark blocks for a total of five rows. 
Now let's make the final 4 blocks.  Take 4 of the tiny 9-patches.  Cut 16 - 1"x2" light pieces.  Cut
16 - 1" square dark pieces.  Sew 2 light strips opposite each other.  Then sew the dark squares to both ends of the remaining light strips.  Sew together and trim the block to 3" square. 
Sewing the top:  I measured the sides of the inside section and mine measured 23 1/4"  I trimmed the 2 border strips to that length and sewed them on...being super careful not the stretch the border. 
You can see how I then ironed toward the border pieces.

For the two remaining borders, I measured the inside section from where it was sewn from border to border and it measured 22 3/4"  I added the 1/2" seam allowance and then cut my last 2 borders 23 1/4".  Sew the corner blocks to the ends of each remaining border and iron toward the border strip.  Now match up the seams and sew your last 2 border pieces on. 

Ta Da!!!
Okay, Bud!  He has to get in on every photo shoot of any quilts "we" make!!!

Yes!!!  It will fit nicely on my coffee table!!!  Now time to sandwich with batting and backing.  I will hand quilt mine.  How about you?  It measures 28 1/2"  It probably has as many pieces as a large quilt.  I love making little quilts!  I finished my first EQ7 original design!  I have another all cut out ready to start sewing.  This is fun!

Saturday, May 02, 2015


Time to work on the borders.
36 various dark squares - 2 1/4"
32 light squares - 2 7/8"  cut once diagonally into 64 triangles
8 light squares - 2 1/8" cut once diagonally into 16 triangles
At this point we are dealing with bias edges. Be very careful not to stretch any part of the pieces!
Sew two of the 2 1/8" triangles as shown.  Iron all toward the light color.  Now add one of the 2 7/8" triangles as shown.  Do this exactly the same way for the seven other end pieces.
Now making each of the "blocks" for the border:
You will need 28 of these blocks.
How to trim properly to 2 1/4":


Let's sew the borders (please be careful not to stretch):
2 end pieces and 7 center pieces:
Here are the extra half-square triangles I got done between each seam!  They are for another project, but it means I don't have to trim all the threads and I accomplish 2 things at once.  I must give the credit to BONNIE HUNTER OF for the leader/ender idea.  I get some of my best ideas from her!  She is amazing!

 Time to trim to 3" Wide. 

Next time we will make the corner blocks and then assemble the top!