Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Sewing the Nine Patches

Unlike many of my quilting buddies, I LOVE working with tiny pieces!  The scrapier the better! 
I will need a total of 117 nine patches for my 9 patch in 9 patch quilt.  Here is a sampling.  That is a 2 1/2" ruler in the middle.  When they are sewn, each nine patch will measure 1 1/2"!  So fun!
I did some of the stitching on "Marge," my 1951 Singer Featherweight.  Isn't she a beaut?

I like little things.  That is a six inch ruler in front of her.  She sews beautifully, I just have to adjust from sewing on my two computerized machines. 
It's that time of year...time to start thinking ICE CREAM! 


  1. Awesome work and love Marge :) ohhh my Ice Cream, miss you

    1. Thanks, Lise! I love Marge, too! She is the perfect size for quilt group. There is lots to do to get ready, but it will be worth it to be surrounded by ice cream for the summer!